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Production services in Hungary for Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe was photographed in our studio

Vinne Liazza a producer and creative director for a Berlin based production company was looking for production services for a long-awaited editorial photoshoot with Willem Dafoe, for Numero Homme Berlin. When we got his email labelled URGENT, we knew there was no time to waste.

The next day his crew was already at our Budapest based film production company, ready to kick off what turned out to be a wonderful project. It was a small, but fantastic team consisting of Götz Offergeld – Creative Director of Numero Homme Berlin, his assistant Luis Hartmann, the photographer Marco Cella and his assistant Leonardo Ventura, executive and creative producer Vinnie Liazza, makeup artist Fanni Hargitay and the local producer—Cabbage Film Factory’s own Szabolcs Moradi.
And of course, Willem Dafoe, who was working on a big Hollywood production, shooting his alternative take on the Frankenstein movie, “Poor Things” in Budapest. He had a day off that Numero Homme Berlin was able to get for their shoot.

Dafoe is best known for a string of unforgettable performances including his role as Sergeant Elias Grodin in Oliver Stone’s Platoon (1986) or the main villain, Green Goblin, in the Spider-Man movies (2002-2007). Besides being an award-winning actor—and a cultural icon with his expressive face and trademark laugh—he is great fun to be around both on and off the set, combining his remarkable acting skills and distinctive look with a stunning talent for doing impressions.

The photoshoot went like a dream, and we successfully captured the essence of his iconic gestures, unique style and unmistakable charm.
It was an honour for all of us at Cabbage Film Factory to welcome and work with a star of Dafoe’s calibre. We’re also thrilled that we were once again able to go the extra mile for our clients, who went away with a positive experience—fully satisfied with our production services in Hungary.

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