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A New Look for the Cabbage Headquarters Building a Production Company in Budapest

We’ve always been proud of our headquarters building, which was chosen to serve our mission as a leading production company in Budapest. Our facilities are designed with a focus on the needs of our clients and our employees.

Purchased in 2017, the Cabbage Film Factory building is situated in a leafy, quiet area of Budapest that’s a stone’s throw away from the centre and easily accessible from any part of the city. The building has all the space a film studio like us needs, with room to grow. The modernisation got under way following a consultation with the building’s original architect, the award-winning Ferenc Csagoly.

Our approach to the modernisation project was simple. We set out to meet the latest technological, and environmental requirements while giving the building a permanent upgrade in terms of style. The aim was to provide a welcoming atmosphere and even more pleasant working environment for our clients and staff alike. Accordingly, we retained the building’s original features on the street-facing facade, while the interior spaces were extensively renovated.

The building has been reengineered with sustainability in mind. All the doors and windows have been replaced, the external walls have received thermal insulation and other upgrades to meet the standards for insulation. A new garden and car park have also been created. These solutions benefit us and our clients and enable us to provide a healthy working environment. The project got underway before COVID-19, and was completed in six months, just before the pandemic broke out in 2019.

The improvements strike a perfect balance between modernising the building and retaining its unique character and features. Based on feedback, the project has been a runaway success. Our clients often tell us how much more they enjoy spending time with us in the welcoming new surroundings.

Worth it or not?

If you are interested how we looked like before: Click here

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