Studio shoot

Hungary’s allure to filmmakers is heightened by the presence of world-class film studios and expansive backlots, offering a rich tapestry of settings for diverse productions. Korda Studios, located just outside Budapest, stands as a premier facility with cutting-edge soundstages and extensive backlots. Its state-of-the-art amenities have attracted major Hollywood productions, including blockbusters like “The Martian” and “Blade Runner 2049.” The adaptability of Korda Studios allows filmmakers to seamlessly transform spaces, creating anything from futuristic landscapes to historical epochs, underscoring Hungary’s commitment to providing world-class infrastructure for the global film industry.

In the heart of Budapest, Origo Studios adds another layer to Hungary’s cinematic landscape. Offering modern facilities and versatile spaces, Origo Studios caters to a variety of film and television projects. Its strategic location provides convenient access to both urban and historic settings, making it a valuable resource for filmmakers seeking diverse backdrops within the vibrant city. Complementing these studios, Mafilm Studios has been a longstanding contributor to Hungary’s film industry, offering facilities and services for both local and international productions. The collective strength of these film studios in Budapest solidifies the city’s reputation as a multifaceted and attractive destination, showcasing Hungary’s dedication to providing filmmakers with top-tier resources for a broad spectrum of creative endeavours.

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