Production service

As a one-stop shop, we can provide a real full-service production experience in Hungary, offering our clients the whole set which includes everything from pre-production to delivery.
We have all the facilities to make the impossible possible, under a single roof – from budgeting, location scouting and obtaining permits through arranging visas and sourcing professional crew members.
With us, you are sure to have a successful production as well as a pleasant stay while you are in Hungary.

Cabbage production service company in Hungary


As our company started as a post-production studio over 20 years ago, we have an enormous post-production facility with separate rooms for every part of the post-production workflow. Our experienced editors and VFX artists can provide all kinds of visual effects including: 2D, 3D animations, visualization, CGI as well as versioning, compositing, game cinematics, concept design, editing or subtitling.

Cabbage post-production in Hungary

Color grading

With 4K projection and the latest technology, our state-of-the-art cinema colour grading studio ensures high-end finishing for projects of any length and complexity. Several award-winning films have been graded here. The room can also be used for screening dailies or exporting digital cinema packages.
Cabbage color grading in Hungary

Sound Studio

Our sound studio is used to record voice overs for commercials on a daily basis. With an in-house sound engineer on hand to assist you, we can meet any kind of audio post-production needs you might have. We also have a great pool of VO talent to choose from here in Budapest.
Sound studio in Budapest

Photo Studio

Our compact but versatile and well-equipped photo studio is open 24/7. It is available with lights and other equipment as a part of a package, or you can just book the studio and bring your own gear if you prefer it that way. Beside this, there is a makeup and wardrobe room as well as a green room and kitchen for your cast and crew.
Cabbage photo studio in Budapest