Color grading

So, you’ve got some great raw footage. Now it just needs to be beautifully color corrected. You’re in the right place! The DCI-standard color grading studio in our Budapest post-production facility is probably capable of more than you can imagine – but that’s what it’s for…

Our cinema grading suite offers colour grading services for feature films, commercials, branded content, corporate videos and so much more. This is where your production will gain its own unique identity, and it’s also a place where you’ll be able sit back and enjoy seeing the fruits of all that hard work for the first time. Enjoy!

Give your film or video production its own unique feel

The grading room in our Budapest post-production facility is ideal for:

  • Finishing projects
  • 4K projection
  • Exporting digital cinema packages
  • Screenings

Of course, the technology would be useless without our CSI-accredited colorist, who has extensive experience working on feature films and commercial productions. Equipped with a Barco projector and Klipsch sound system, the room also doubles as a screening room.

You're in good hands

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