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The Cabbage story

Cabbage was founded by Gábor Mórádi, who started his career as an editor, compositor and post-production coordinator at Studio 10 of the Hungarian public service provider Hungarian Television (MTV). Throughout the 1990s, he worked on post-production for most of the commercials made in Hungary and had exclusive contracts with 14 advertising agencies. He won several awards for his work at advertising film festivals. After leaving MTV, he went on to work as editor and producer at the Focus Fox Film Studio.

The Cabbage story begins when he established Cabbage Productions in 1996. He also founded Film Positive with Tamás Lajos, Péter Fazekas and Tamás Závodszky in 1998. He decided to leave the latter firm in 1999 and go it alone with Cabbage Productions, which was then operating as a post-production studio. In 2004, he established Picture Base, a production service company that remains in business to this day. Since then, Cabbage Film Factory—as reflected by our new name—has grown to become a full-service film production studio, providing all the services needed for film production under one roof. We offer commercial production, film production, high-end visual effects for feature films and series with our in-house VFX company (Aboriginal Ideas). The company has its own professional camera equipment, a DCI standard colour grading room, a sound studio and photo studio—all in-house.

In the past couple of decades, as a full-featured film production studio and video production company, Cabbage has also notched up an impressive track record in producing video and photo content for TV and online media platforms, working on both the production of entire projects and on the post-production stage. One of the secrets to Cabbage’s success is its dedicated and highly experienced team of film production experts, most of whom have been with us right from the very beginning—living that Cabbage is a great place to work.

But where does the Cabbage name come from?
We often get asked about the name, but not many people know that it was actually inspired by the tech giant Apple. The idea was simple: if Apple—named after a fruit—was able to grow as big as it did in the United States, then surely the similarly organically named Cabbage could be just as successful in its own sector here in Hungary!

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