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Saweetie in green screen studio in Budapest

We helped Blank Square Productions with their music video production

The guys from Blank Square Productions, had filmed some (not surprisingly) stunning footage in Los Angeles, again.
A French Montana music video production. However, they hadn’t been able to shoot the scenes that featured Saweetie there. So we came into the picture since she was in Budapest at that time.

Blank Square Productions are known for their quality content and great up-and-coming directors in the field of music videos. Andres Garcia, head of production at Blank Square emailed us to ask if we could shoot Saweetie in a green screen studio in Budapest ASAP.

Although we knew this would be an intense project, we were happy to accept the challenge happily and immediately started gathering all the requirements. Including special camera equipments, the crew, and renting a green screen studio. Everything was ready only in two days. It was all very last-minute, but we made it—in fact, everything about the production went smoothly. Thanks again to all the crew members involved on both sides.

Edgar Esteves is one of the most in-demand music video directors nowadays. Before the shoot, he and his co-director Jon Primo, together with the DOP Camilo Monsalve, explained in detail how we needed to film Saweetie so that her shots could be used in their music video.

We met Saweetie’s team at Origo studio—one of the biggest movie studios in Europe.  Our team was already ready to go. Saweetie got her makeup and hair done behind the scenes and dazzled us with her amazing costume. As soon as she was ready, we started our remote system, played the latest French Montana hit, Handstand, and rolled the camera.
Apart from the time constraints, the only surprise during the shooting was the need for a samurai sword that we had to source and bring back to the studio at a moment’s notice.

Thanks again Blank Square Productions. It was a stunning project and we absolutely loved it!
For the behind the scenes photos check in here: BTS photos


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