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Sam Fischer music video production Hungary

We worked on Sam Fischer’s latest music video’s visual effects

Sashinski (Sasha Nathwani), who learned filmmaking in the same school as Martin Scorsese, is a very talented and cool director. He rang us up and asked if we are interested in working with him on his next music video production for the Australian pop rock singer-songwriter and musician, Sam Fischer.
We not only said yes immediately because of hearing Sam’s name, but also because Sasha sounded very professional and strong-minded about his ideas. Two elements that are necessary for successful implementation of concepts and for great outcomes.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fly out to London – just like in the previous case when we worked with Peter Lee Scott on the Whitley Neill Gin project. But even this issue could not stop us from managing and doing the supervision remotely, and like clockwork from our Budapest based film production company.
Sasha is well known for his creatively emotive films and for the very cinematic shots that focus on the subject. His top-notch scenes grab the audience attention and pull them into the worlds of the characters. Therefore, we were not surprised that he imagined a one-shot music video for Sam which left not so much room for mistakes for the production team during the shooting of the 3 minutes long video.

Our VFX team’s main job was to put 3D birds around Sam, to remove / add some smoke, put stars on the night sky, and to make the reflection on Sam’s glasses look better. Even though everything went as planned, there were some small mistakes we had to correct at the end. Fortunately, nothing serious, just like smoothing up the painted background where it was crumpled and a little camera stabilisation on the end of the video. We hope you will also enjoy Sam’s new music video and think about the effort that creatives put into it behind the scenes.

Sasha and the producer of the project James Fuller were fascinated by our work and gave us the highest praise that a production company can get in the filming industry: promised us to call and work with us again.

Watch the film and start singing: Sam Fischer – Hopeless Romantic (Official Video)

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