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Whitley Neil TVC VFX work

Whitley Neill Gin TVC used our VFX studio’s expertise in Budapest

Our valued friend Peter Lee Scott, award-winning director and owner of Odelay films, invited us to work with them on one of their recent TVC productions. Our acquaintance dates back to this summer, when Pete visited us in our production house in Budapest. After seeing our presentation, talking to us about our services and seeing some of our work, he decided to try out our team for some VFX-heavy projects.

For the Whitley Neill Gin TVC project, Pete’s team were shooting a commercial that would give the impression of being a one-take shot, even though the four sets and locations were shot individually. That’s where we came in. Our VFX supervisor was on hand to give his team guidance before and during the shoot, which was important to ensure a smooth post-production process. What made the project so unique and challenging was the fact that we needed to supervise the work from Budapest online, without traveling out to London. Despite the unusual setup, everything went smoothly and without a hitch. After the shooting, we received all the RAW files and our VFX team started the post-production work on one 30sec and one 10sec version. They were two different versions, with different VFX tasks.

In the 30sec version we were asked to connect the adjacent sets smoothly, to create an effect where the camera moves through the label of the bottle, remove some unnecessary objects from the set, and change labels on the moving and stable bottles. Last but not least, we added CG darts in the second scene the actor enters.
In the 10sec version we had to make full CGI darts that are thrown at a dartboard, and then change the label of the bottle at the end of the film.

Pete and his team were delighted with our produciton services, and we were thrilled to be a part of this exciting project. In fact, they were so happy with us that Vanessa – their producer – immediately recommended us to one of her friends for their upcoming music video production.
So, we got another call right after finishing the Gin job. Thank you, Pete, and thank you Vanessa! We hope to see each other again soon, hopefully next time in Hungary.

See the film on: Odelay Films instagram page

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