Film production company in Hungary

Everything you can
possibly need.
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Cabbage Film Factory is one of the biggest film production company in Hungary. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Family-owned company
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • One-stop shop, with everything you need under one roof
  • Vast network of local industry partners

Our love of making films, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced production team enables us to provide one of the best production services in Hungary. Whether it’s a feature film, TV commercial, TV series, branded content, music video, or documentary – you can be sure we’ll put our hearts into it.

Production service company Hungary - Film service production in Budapest

Multiple services.
Under one roof.

Having all these resources available together is your guarantee
of professional, safe, high-quality, low-cost film productions in Hungary.

  • TV commercials
  • TV series
  • Feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • High-end VFX
  • Animations
  • Photo productions
  • Image films
  • Music videos
  • Branded content
  • Case studies

Our film production company in Hungary produces all kinds of media, including feature films, TV series, commercials, branded content, music videos, game cinematics, and more. However, our main focus is currently TV and online advertising content production, as well as high-end CG and VFX work for films, episodic content, and the gaming industry.

Our studio’s unmatched ecosystem means that with us, full service means just that: We have everything a production could need in-house: 2 separate production offices, a state-of-the-art VFX department, a cinema grading room, a sound studio, and a photo/video studio. Moreover, we have our own pool of camera and lighting equipment. So if you are looking for a film production company in Hungary get in touch with us!

Take a look at
our work.

Film Production Company in Hungary - POW - Amazing teaser cover

POW – Amazing M/V

Music video for Ambience Seoul
Film Production Company Hungary - Royal Bliss - VFX by Cabbage Film Factory

Royal Bliss – VFX

Branded content for Avenues
Film production company in Hungary - A branded content VFX for Starhub

Starhub – VFX

Online content for Odelay Films
Film production company in Hungary - TV spot for Béres


TVC for Béres
Film production company in Hungary - TV commercial production


TVC for Szentkirályi
Film production company in Hungary - TVC production for a beer brand


TVC for Dreher
Film production company in Hungary - DK Spec commercial

DK – spec

spec commercial for –
Film production company in Hungary - Bauhaus TV commercial production


TVC for Bauhaus
Film production company in Hungary - Porsche image film

Vehicle Experts

Image film for Vehicle Experts
Film production company in Hungary - French Montana music video production

French Montana – pickup

Music video for Blanksquare Productions
Film production company in Hungary - Coloron branded content


Branded content for Medicontur
Film production company in Hungary - Kawala music video

Kawala – VFX

Music video for Familia

Filming in Hungary.
Exceptional locations,
remarkable tax rebate.

Hungary’s geographical diversity makes for a huge variety of exceptional locations, all within easy reach via an excellent road and rail network. There is so much to choose from: beautiful countryside with lakes, rivers and mountains. Added to this is an impressive array of historical buildings, several big sound stages and a wide variety of cityscapes and rural settings.

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is an amazing city with great infrastructure and extremely varied architecture. With so many different styles, it is truly a city of a thousand faces – a perfect character actor. All in all this could be the best place to shoot your production!

Here’s what
others say
about us:

Szabi and Cabbage Films, they are awesome 👍🏼🤘🏼 Responds well to all our needs, their production facilities are very complete, professional people, very friendly. Hope Glow Films can work on another project with Cabbage Films Deya Santoso – Glow Films Jakarta
We shoot with Cabbage Film Factory a documentary about a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor, whom we accompanied to the sites of his childhood, such as synagogue, school, deportation station etc. Szabi supported us excellently with the first-class cameraman Laci, local knowledge, transportation and basically a great flexibility. Thank you very very much!! Philip Keutner – Documentary producer
The company and its partners were highly satisfied with the final results of the project. The company has already been asked to translate its content into other languages. The company was most impressed by the timing, responsiveness, and communication displayed by the Cabbage Film Factory team Head of marketing – Medicontur
Cabbage Film Factory provided production support for dubbing commercials in Hungarian for a full house production studio. They have been supporting the client’s studio for two years now and counting. Post production producer – Studioset