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Cabbage Film Factory’s post production services in a feature film

Last year the Hungarian film production company Megafilm invited us to work on their latest feature film as their visual effects partner. So we joined the team to make sure that all the shots were ready for the VFX elements.

Our experienced VFX and animation team is getting us more and more enquiries for post-production services. Especially photo-real VFX services. Megafilm’s producers also know that besides being a production service company, our business has evolved into an internationally recognised post-production studio. 

In numbers:

  • The movie was filmed at a total of 12 spectacular locations in Hungary, including a lakeside and a castle
  • More than 100 filmmakers worked on the production
  • Of these, 30 were responsible for post-production

Our post-production studio’s team was on board from the very beginning. After reviewing the storyboard, our experts and the technical director Gulyás Buda conceptualized the look and feel of the VFX shots and created production plans.
Our VFX supervisor was on set throughout the roughly 60-day production. He was giving guidance for the production team, overseeing the whole VFX project and taking responsibility for achieving the creative objectives.

But the work didn’t stop there. The post-production of the VFX shots took 10 VFX artists approximately 6 months to complete. During this process the film’s director and technical director visited us monthly to check that everything was on track.

Thanks to our DCI-standard grading room we were able to do screenings helping us to meet the high standards set by ourselves as well as the directors.
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If you need:

Cutting edge CGI/VFX in your film production in Budapest whether it’s a movie, episodic content, music video or whatever else you’re working on we are ready to help. Get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help. You can count on our expertise and creative team to meet all your filmmaking needs.

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